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Goldy Sidr Honey is really pure! - 12/29/2015

Sidr honey has been treated as a unique product because It is peculiar to fewer regions of the world including Yemen , some African countries and Pakistan to name a few. Purity of Sidr honey is valued all over the world because it is monofloral where bees are fed only on Sidr tree flowers .  Over a  period of time, the beekeepers have been skilled for maintaining the bee colonies and acquiring most of the honey yield without undergoing destruction and wastage.

  Sidr honey yield comes only twice in a year. The first yield comes in  early Spring and the second one in Autumn. Pakistani beekeepers have the expertise of preserving  Sidr honey  after receiving main yields and make it available to the customers throughout year without any interruption in supply.

Artificial methods like heating to make filtration easy and retard  fermentation process,  reduce moisture and increase thickness ,addition of sweeteners and  artificial enzymes are  strictly avoided  to  provide Sidr honey to the customers in its purest organic form. Its high price in the market can be justified as extreme care is taken to preserve its vitamin, mineral, enzyme and antioxidant properties.

Sidr honey by Goldy honey is purely organic as it is obtained right from the beehives. It contains  many  impurities namely wax, pollen, fragments of  bee hives, broken body parts of bees, and at times traces of royal jelly by the queen bee when collected for the first time. It is mainly strained through a natural process of filtration through plain muslin aided by gravity only. It is then stored in sterile containers and is dispensed in bottles made up of food grade material.

Many organic food lovers ask for honey which is in purely raw form, others want it in a filtered condition and some even want chunks  of beehives floating in honey.  Whatever the choice of customers may be, the Organic element  of Goldy honey is proven over years.

Buy Goldy honey by name, we are sure you won’t  try any other brand of honey.

Healthy Healing wishes for you all!





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A Comprehensive overview of Sidr Honey...just a reminder! - 12/16/2015

Sidr honey is a speciality of only a few countries in the world, Pakistan is lucky being one of them.  This truly holistic organic food is healthy for all organs and systems of human body starting from mouth to alimentary canal.

Sidr honey is a golden syrup gifted by Nature .  For centuries it has been used to treat minor ailments such as cold, flu and sinusitis to more complex bronchial asthma and other respiratory tract infections. Ancient civilizations have used it not only as a medicine but also as a rejuvenating tonic and for beauty treatments. It greatly benefits oral ulcers, tonsillitis, gastric ulcers, alimentary canal disease like diarrhea and dysentery, infected wounds,cuts and grazes and minor to even moderate degree of burns to name a few.

With the advent of antibiotics mankind has started to rely on conventional medicines for ease and prompt relief but the truth is that these medicines are all derivatives of organic constituents and herbs. Why not instead make natural products part of our daily lifestyle and stay away from medicines. Sidr honey is highly nutritious if we take it regularly on an empty stomach instead of taking bed tea or smoking a cigarette.

Sidr honey is a supersaturated solution of fructose, glucose, sucrose and maltose in different percentages. It is enriched with calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, sodium, chromium, zinc, phosphorus and selenium. It is a powerful source of many enzymes, vitamin C, antioxidants and hydrogen peroxide. It is studded with all the B vitamins. Hydrogen peroxide elements makes it an effective antibacterial agent.

Sidr honey is a mono floral honey which means it is derived from only one kind of flowers. The bees are fed only on Sidr tree flowers and hence it has all the medicinal properties of Sidr tree. The root, bark, leaves and fruit of this tree are all used in herbal medicines. This tree is also known as Christ's thorn, or Jujube tree or Lote tree with a significant history. High Vitamin C and antioxidant content of this honey makes it a rejuvenating anti aging tonic. By the way who wants to become old? In fact it is a very hard reality of life. But by rejuvenating yourself with honey you can delay aging process. It fights osteoporosis and connective tissue destruction process in a natural way.

 The best effective results of honey have been studied where it was taken on an empty stomach. But taking it at any time of the day in any form does not mask its efficacy either. Nothing can be antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic and antiviral at the same time except Sidr honey. Pakistan is one of the very few countries in the world which produces the best quality of this type of honey. In Pakistan there are miles and miles of naturally grown Sidr trees which make it possible for honey bees to produce purest form of mono floral honey.

To sum up, honey caters all age groups i.e Infantile, juvenile and senile. I hope all my friends will agree with the" Truly Holistic " nature of honey. Those who don't, can only try and tell.(Note: Diabetics must use honey before consulting their physicians)

Important Note

(Botulinum toxin (BTX) is a neurotoxic protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum and related species.  Honey may contain Botulism toxin so it should not be given to infants below 1 year of age as it my cause toxicity)

Healthy Healing Wishes for you all!






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Sidr Honey is a Rejuvenating Organic Elixir - 2/18/2014

The potential medicinal properties of Sidr honey have always been discussed on my blog  to keep all my readers well informed of how  important are organic foods  for us all.

We all are always  running  short of time and run after quick and easy foods mostly the  packed ones to quickly satisfy our energy demands completely ignoring what could be the possible adverse effects of the chemical preservatives found in  these instant foods.  The  chemicals like MSG and food colors found in most packed foods are highly disruptive for the healthy functioning of brain.  Our brain holds the same importance for our body as a Central Processing Unit for a computer.  Chemicals like MSG and food colors enter the blood stream through food and reach our brain   Our brain has all the control over hormones of our body  .  These chemicals alter the natural make up of hormones resulting in disrupting their chemical formation over a period of time.  Such alteration results in altered behaviours like hyperactivity in chidren, memory loss, hypertension, osteoporosis and arthritis like  coditinions in adults to name a few.  Cancers of different organs of body have become more prevalent after the advent of packed and preserved foods. 

In this era, we are more aware of all food products which are dangerous for health.  Goldy honey is taking its part to keep readers and viewers well informed of all the health benefits of pure , raw and organic Sidr honey.  Its regular use keeps all hormones of body in a balanced state. A balanced body is always a healthy body which has a strong immune system.  No doubt Sidr honey boosts up immunity naturally.

It is my advice to keep Sidr honey on your breakfast table so that you do not forget to take it.   Do not forget your health, do not forget to take Goldy Sidr honey daily.

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Bye Summer, Hi Winter! - 10/4/2013

We all have enjoyed long summer months though at times it felt quite frustrating. Long summer days are very exhausting as perspiration is taking away most of our energy. I felt energetic throughout as I never missed my energy drink. You will be keen to ask which energy drink. Yes my answer is a glass of water with 1 table spoonful of Sidr honey. I have never experienced such an instant energy drink which refreshes you in seconds as if you have pressed the refresh button of your laptop.

Now as the summer season is tapering off , Autumn will be setting in in a few weeks time with all fading colours of Nature. Though attractive, fantastic, aromatic and romantic Autumn arrival is alarming and disturbing for people with seasonal allergies. Allergic people look forward to Autumn as a season for Achoo Achoo!, piles of Clean-ex boxes, nasal sprays and cough syrups etc.

Welcoming Autumn with open arms will not be a problem with Sidr honey, but how?

Ingesting Sidr honey throughout the year in any form especially taking one table spoonful in the morning and night will help in working as a shield against all seasonal allergies. Adding Goldy Sidr honey in your green tea and taking small sips of Sidr enriched green tea helps in boosting up Immunity to combat allergies. Immunity build up with Sidr honey is the easiest and healthiest way of building Immunity. Get going healthy and fit with Goldy Sidr honey. No doubt your taste buds will be addicted to its premium taste and will always miss it.

I miss you Goldy honey!

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Welcome Spring! - 3/25/2013

After a long winter season, Spring has finally arrived. We are all ready for Spring Cleaning. The sweet fragrance of Spring is worth countless dollars, but those having seasonal allergies are as afraid as ever, of the series of unwanted allergic symptoms which Spring brings along with it.With the first breeze of Spring all persons suffering from allergies, well developed Asthma, sinusitis or other allergy related respiratory disorders feel alarmed to encounter a series of unwanted symptoms like coughing, sneezing, watery eyes and runny nose etc.

Allergic people have to be "Health Wise" to combat allergens of all sorts. Antibiotics, antihistamines, and antidepressent tablets and syrups do provide prompt but timely relief and as soon as the effect of medicine starts diminishing , the sufferer is ready to take next Meal of medicines because the whole series of symptoms start All Over Again. The sufferer goes through pain and distress in this All Over Again episode.

Simple Ways To Reduce The Risk:

Human allergic response to seasonal allergens can be easily fought by adapting a few simple habits. These are:

• Slightly oiling your nostrils with olive oil with your finger tip . Doing this traps the allrgens from the inspired air as soon as you breathe in.

• Taking a table spoonful of Goldy Sidr honey as first food of the day.

Taking Sidr honey during allergy season depends on your personal requirement . Upto 3 table spoonful can be taken in divided doses or can be added in hot tea or green tea or even in glassful of hot water.

Sidr honey builds up resistance to allergens over the period of time and increases immunity of your body to all kinds of allergens. Good response is seen in people who take it in routine diet, even before the arrival of allergy season and for them Spring Cleaning is not a problem any more... Be strong, take Goldy honey and give a punch to allergies.

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Good news for All Fashion Guys - 12/27/2012

 We all know that  film industry all over the world is an essential platform where our imaginations and dreams come true.  For this our actors have to work hard day and night to provide us  with good entertainment. These actors and fashion guys who mainly work for our amusement really get exhausted by this tough life in front of  bright lights and camera. 

I never thought of it that these entertainers ever feel tired and sick ( so selfish of me) . After taking Goldy Sidr honey on regular basis I felt so much rejuvinated and enthusiastic that I get up fresh even for the most hectic day of my life. 

After using Sidr honey I felt a responsibility to pass its benefits to all those folks who are working hard at any level.

Dear all fashion guys,once you get up in the morning and take a big yawn to wide open your eyes, take a look at  the Sidr honey bottle lying on your bedside table, reminding you of your Best Performance of the Day. Instead of having your bed tea, or a cigarette, switch over to a table spoonful of Goldy Sidr honey as a first diet of theday. It assimilates very easily and revives your lost energies for the day. 

Now you can go to the gym with a natural boost and can workout for longer times. You are not empty stomach but have taken the best organic diet of the day.

Essentials benefits of honey include instant revival of lost energy in a natural way whicth means no artifical sweeteners and fear of weight gain.

Film stars and fashion guys can keep fit and energetic the whole day long and whole life long because we are offering the most amazing Tonic of Life.

Get going with Sidr honey. No  doubt about it.

Before going to gym, before a cat walk and before long shoots, dont,t  forget to take a spoonful of Goldy Sidr honey .Feel the difference and let us know about it.

Healthy wealthy wishes from .


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Raw versus Raw - 11/6/2012

Yes,  it does seem very strange when we say  that one raw factor  is fighting with another raw factor.  I am right in saying this because when i used Goldy raw sidr honey, all raw feelings of acute allergy  involving  my maxillary, frontal, nasal, and  ethmoidal  sinuses vanish away.  It even does not take pretty long time to counteract the  irritating and raw feelings of acute allergy involving ear, nose and throat.  Using Goldy honey for a couple of days, twice or  thrice daily will settle down the irritating phase of acute allergy.

Any anti-histamine, if taken immediately after an allergic phase starts does settle down the symptoms of itchy  runny nose, watery eyes ,sore throat and sinusitis  quickly but the hangover of an anti-histamine is comparable to no hangover of sidr honey.In the hangover period, one feels dizzy and wants to have a deep sleep.This is not possible most of the times as we all have our committments on work place ,and at home.

Honey when taken as such or added in hot fluids  immeditely after the allergic episode takes hold of your ailment, calmes and soothes the nerves.  

Sidr honey has a unique and potent quality that it not only fights  bacteria  but also has potent anti- allergic and anti -viral properties.

This unique potent action of sidr honey makes it a top quality immune system boosting natural remedy.

Saying no to medicines is a bit difficult  for habitual drug users but where health comes first,  all natural remedies take the lead.

 Being organic and un-adulterated, sidr honey  as Goldy Honey meets  all the international  standards of  pure organic honey.

Say  bye bye to all medicines and  welcome Goldy honey in your home with open arms.iam sur eit will bring wealth in the form of health.


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Fall arrives! - 9/20/2012

 Fall starts and brings with it the fragrance of winter,but people suffering from respiratory diseases are afraid of this fragrance.

Fall brings with it all the allergies leading to respiratory problems.Runny nose ,itchy eyes, sneezing,cough and at times stuffed nose and ears add a mess to daily life.

Raw,organic, Goldy honey is pure sidr honey which gives the answer to all the above mentioned symptoms of  allergies.

It is proven that taking Goldy Sidr Honey twice daily with the start of autumn season regularly helps in combating all the respiratory ailments to such an extent that your intake of allergy medicines is remarkably reduced.

So.don,t buy medicines,buy Goldy Sidr Honey.

My strong recommendations for Goldy honey have benefited many people.


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Say no to cold and flu - 9/30/2011

Sidr honey has  been used since centuries to treat every day ailments like cold, flu and cough with its proven efficacy.

One unique quality of Sidr honey is its rare production which limited to only fewer parts of the world.  One of its major producers is Pakistan. Mehra Shareef and Karak district area in Pakistan bears most of the honey bee population producing unique Sidr honey.

  • It is enriched with vitamins, minerals,amino acids and unique methylglyoxal(MGO) content.  As compared to all other qualities and honey brands available  in the world market, Sidr honey has lowest water content which not only increases its potency of immune system boost up but also increases its shelf life.

Related to cold and flu there are a few effective recipes from my kitchen.


  •      6 fl oz honey
  •      2 fl oz glycerine
  •       juice of two lemons 

Put these contents in a clean glass bottle and mix it well.Take 1 tablespoonful 3 times in a day if you are an adult.(for kids 1 tea spoonful 3 times in a day).  Prepare a fresh mixture on the third day.


Put  1  table spoonful of Sidr honey in half a cup of hot water.Drink it sip by sip 3 times in a day.You can add half a lemon to this mixture.It not only relieves sore throat but also soothes nerves and opens up the sinuses.


Take 1 table spoonful of pure Sidr honey early in the morning and at bed time in cold and flu.This helps in speedy recovery.

Sweet taste of honey is liked by kids too.  Note: Children under age 2 Should Not be given Honey.

1 teaspoonful of honey given to kids on an empty stomach builds resistance against cold ,flu and cough.

Stay healthy throughout the year and enjoy tranquility.

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Buy Sidr Honey, Save Money (but how....) - 9/20/2011

 It seems strange at a first glance but as you become a regular user of pure,raw and organic Goldy honey you will yourself see the results.

"Health is wealth" is an old but a golden proverb which says that a healthy person is the wealthiest person in the world

 This is true because a healthy person has all the physical and mental powers to face and conquor this world.

If you want to be a conquerer, boost up your strenghs with pure Sidr honey (also known as jujube honey),use Goldy honey .

Goldy honey is one of the best Sidr honey brands in the world and is gaining its  popularity because of its proven health benefits like rejuvenation,anti-aging,treating minor ailments like cold,flu ,cough,to major ailments like stomach ulcers,respiratory problems,burns,malignancies etc.It boosts up immune system and is an excellent aphrodisiac.

 Sidr honey is the best dietary supplement and has proven its efficacy in the treatment of patients suffering from manutrition like marasmus and kwoshiorker.

Pure,raw,unadulterated,organic honey with natural sweetness is a gift of nature.He who touches Goldy honey is compelled to lick his fingers.Make Sidr honey an essential part of your breakfast table and say good bye to all the diseases and fatigue.

Hence proved that using Sidr honey will keep you away from the diseases and doctors.So you are saving your money by using Sidr honey and saying no to hospital visits. 

One table spoonful of Sidr honey a day will keep the doctor away !

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