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Sidr Honey FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions About Gold Sidr Honey


Q.  How long Sidr honey can last?

Ans.   Liquid honey doesn’t expire because its natural contents kill almost all bacteria and its moisture content is too low so it doesn’t allow fungus to grow.


Q.  Can natural Sidr honey be used for burns and infections?

Ans.  New information has been uncovered for those looking for a natural alternative to antibiotics. Research published in the July 2010 print edition of the FASEB Journal explains for the first time how honey kills bacteria. The research shows that bees make a protein that they add to the honey called defensin-1, which can be used to treat burns and skin infections.

 Q. Does the Sidr Honey produced throughout the year?

 Ans.  No, the pure Sidr honey is only made by bees during flower season of Sidr / Jujube Tree.  During this season which last not more than a month in a year, the bees collect the nectar from Sidr Tree flowers to make pure sidr honey.


Q. What are other names of Sider Honey?

Ans.  Sidr, the formal Arabic name, is derived from the name of the Sidr tree that is mentioned in the Holy Quran. The second is Elb which is the local name of the tree and is most commonly used in Arab world.  In Urdu it is called Ber or Bairi or  Bairy Honey.  Sidr honey is also called jujube honey derived from trees english name.

Q.  Why is Sidr Honey so expensive? 
Ans. The production season continues only for 40 to 60 days in a year which is a very short period, so  preparing of apiaries and abundance of bees in a suitable time is required.  These  efforts  bear very high costs.

Q. Do you ship Sidr honey to different parts of the world?  

Ans. Yes, we can ship it to any part of the world using By Air courier service.  The shipment cost needs to be born by the customer.  Our sidr / jujube honey is carefully packed in plastic sealed jars which are placed in beautifully hand made wooden boxes.  This packing is very presentable and suitable for gifting high quality premium honey to your loved ones.

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